Linggo, Enero 22, 2023

THE NAME OF THE ROSE - Through the Magnifying Glass: Book, Movie, Series - Part Six | ACC #081

Ulat mula sa punong-tanggapan.
Nilalaman ng episode (sa Ingles): In which the ongoing story of "The Name of the Rose" tells us about another dead monk, more than brotherly love, and we finally meet the man we've heard so much about: Bernard Gui! The different versions of Umberto Eco's work can be ordered here (affiliate links lead to - Book: - Movie by Bernd Eichinger and Jean-Jacques Annaud: - Series from RAI TV: ASTROCOHORS CLUB on the internet: ► Website: ► Twitter: ► Facebook: ► Mastodon: ► Telegram: ASTROCOHORS CLUB is part of the collaboration of ASTROCOHORS COMMAND and PHAN.PRO: ► ASTROCOHORS COMMAND: ► PHAN.PRO (German only): If you want, you can support our project right here: ► Support via Patreon: ► Support via PayPal: ► Support via Buy Me A Coffee:

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